Oak Group has announced that it is the first business to offer partial or full personal carbon balancing plans for their people, through the Durrell Rewild Carbon project.

The firm recognises that the financial services industry has a significant impact on the environment and is committed to doing their part to mitigate that impact.

Using scientific data for the United Kingdom, Oak baselined an average carbon footprint for their people. Armed with this information, Oak sought to establish a viable carbon balancing option and after careful consideration, chose to partner with the Durrell Rewild Carbon project, a pioneering environmental initiative with a mission to restore damaged ecosystems and protect endangered species across the globe.

This project not only helps to reduce the carbon in the atmosphere but also contributes to the restoration of our planet’s natural habitats, promoting biodiversity and supporting the livelihoods of local communities.

James Tracey (pictured), Head of Sustainability, said: “I am thrilled to announce that we have signed up to the Durrell Rewild Carbon project. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable business practices, and this partnership is just one of the ways we are working towards this goal.”