An article by Jersey Finance’s Head of Funds Elliot Refson, titled ‘Tokenisation is the Future of Private Equity’, was published recently by AlphaWeek.

With digital assets and tokenisation becoming increasingly accepted as the future by both investors and managers globally, the piece discusses how this move towards digitisation has the potential to reshape traditional financial systems and to bring with it some significant benefits. It also explores the challenges involved, affecting players along the whole supply chain – from managers, lawyers and service providers, to jurisdictions generally, as well as fund boards and investors.

The article notes that real assets, and in particular private equity and real estate, are the first asset classes being tokenised and how managers of those funds are at the cutting edge of the industry’s transformation. Elliot points out that the decisions these managers are making today will form a blueprint for the wider fund industry going forward.

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Tokenisation is the Future of Private Equity
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