Two of VG’s Jersey-based Directors, Paul Roper and Ian Murphy, have released a new book called The Practical Guide for Wealthy Families and Family Offices with contributions from Jersey’s leading finance and legal industry figures, Sarah Farrow, Andreas Kistler and David Sass.

With a global perspective, the authors ask what money could mean to wealthy families. Is achieving wealth the end game? If not, what purpose does wealth serve and how do wealthy families make it more meaningful for themselves, their families and communities, now and in the future.

This second edition covers the latest developments in the family wealth arena, including new chapters on ESG, blockchain, philanthropy and AI.

Designed to be of practical use, the book has case studies of real family successes and failures, it explores the so-called “mind legacy” of wealth and includes a series of practical exercises called “catalyst cards”, helping families to address or pre-empt typical challenges and issues they face.

Paul Roper, Director of Private Wealth at VG in Jersey commented: “It was a pleasure working with my co-authors and contributors, which also showcases the knowledge and expertise we have in Jersey. I hope that families and their advisors across the world will find useful references and a refreshing perspective through the guide.”