As a specialist independent fiduciary services provider, Accuro is driven by a vision of being a progressive force for good for families, society, and the environment. It shapes our mission – “To care for families and their wealth responsibly across generations”.

Accuro caters to the UHNW private wealth sector through trusteeship, administration, and private office services to a global client-base. We integrate responsible stewardship into family governance, wealth planning, and the deployment of capital.  We work closely with ESG/Impact advisors, combining our knowledge and experience with that of carefully selected law firms, private banks, asset managers, philanthropy advisors etc.

Doing Well and Doing Good

Our mission has attracted likeminded clients including tech entrepreneurs and impact-seeking inheritors. Around £1.25billion of £16.5billion AUM is now managed in sustainable mandates. We emphasise purpose over profit and have declined lucrative prospects when their fields of business (e.g. fossil fuel extraction) have been unsustainable and they will not consider a sustainable transition.

Acute awareness of our responsibilities to our environment, community, and governance framework is integrated into Accuro’s DNA. We amended our Articles of Association to consider all stakeholder interests and redrafted our core trust documents to enable sustainable investments. This helps client families deploy their assets towards doing good, creating better family harmony, and enabling the fulfilment of their responsibilities to society in line with an ESG ethos.

We established an EBT so that all staff benefit from Accuro’s financial performance and launched an elective staff representative forum to engage in key management and strategic decisions.

Reporting and Engagement

Our Sustainability and Impact Forum has the ambitious task of realising a “Net Positive” sustainability framework for the business. We have committed to regular performance monitoring using an external specialist platform as well as completing the annual submission for the UN Global Compact Communication on Progress. We have lobbied governments to amend trust law and enable sustainable investing, we represent JATCO on the JFL Sustainability working group, and we have introduced bio-tech company and consultancy firms to the Jersey government to help bring solutions to environmental challenges.


Accuro supports staff in pursuing Carbon Literacy, including CISI Sustainable Investing qualifications and the University of Cambridge, Sustainable Finance course. We also delivered bespoke ESG training to staff and clients via the Zurich Centre for Sustainable Finance. Leveraging our five years of focus in this area, we partnered with Equilibrium Futures to launch and adopt a unique IFC focussed training course to educate our sector on sustainability. We are also working with STEP to drive “Responsible Stewardship of Wealth”, upskilling ourselves and the industry.

Equality and Wellbeing

Our triple-bottom-line ethos attracts diverse talent. Through the Accuro Academy, we invest significantly in the development of our next generation, who will perpetuate our firm, mirroring our commitment to our values and sustainability.

We promote gender equality, with a female majority Board and management, and commit to being a menopause-friendly workplace. We have also invested significantly in staff health and financial wellbeing with regular sessions on physical and mental health, monthly health check-ups, the creation of an emergency hardship fund for staff, financial wellbeing training, and non-contributory pension plans.


All staff receive eight paid hours to volunteer in the community or on sustainable initiatives. We run quarterly beach cleans with Little Feet charity, whose founder works in our business. The Accuro Jersey Triathlon is just one of many community sporting events we sponsor throughout the year. Having reduced our travel commitments where possible, unavoidable travel is offset via the Gray Dawes Legacy programme.

Recognition as a Leader in Sustainable Finance for the Private Wealth industry is testament to our team’s commitment and passion in this area. We still have a long way to go to achieve our “Net Positive” ambition, but we hope that our journey can inform and inspire our industry.