We have recently been engaged in a significant and transformative project for one of our long-standing clients and we are delighted that it has received special recognition at the 2023 Jersey Finance Sustainability Awards.

Through our close work with this multi-generational family over the past few years, we supported them towards focusing their philanthropic interests, towards a conservation project, which was missing from their already generous range of giving. We helped them reach a family consensus that conservation and the environment were an important cause for them resulting in the purchase of land for rewilding. They had previously considered a Scottish land purchase but were unsure how to proceed comfortably. However, after introducing them to Durrell, a suitable partner was found to undertake the rewilding work.

Acknowledging the conservation pun ‘from little acorns oak trees grow’, the structure is now the owner of 7,650 hectares in Scotland (76.5 sqkm). We have leased this land to Durrell, who will oversee the rewilding efforts through a newly formed charity for 100 years. The goal is to plant woodland for biodiversity while also restoring valuable peatland – the video from Durrell provides further insights into this endeavour.

This project represents our dedication as a sustainable trustee, striving to realise the philanthropic aspirations of our clients by aligning their wealth with their values, a cornerstone of Affinity’s core purpose. We are proud to have guided our client onto this journey in environmental conservation and extend our gratitude for their support and belief in making a positive impact on our planet. As we continue to explore and turn innovative ideas into reality, we look forward to further contributing to a sustainable future.

Watch the video from Durrell to find out more about the Dalnacardoch project.