In June 2023 Cazenove Capital orchestrated a significant event centred on the release of our 2022 Impact Report. The event was hosted by the local Cazenove team in conjunction with our sustainability specialists and attended by intermediaries from different companies and sectors.

Sustainability Commitments

Cazenove Capital has been a beacon of sustainability, with operations carbon-neutral since 2019. We were a founding signatory to the Net Zero Asset Manager Initiative and have pledged to transition all our discretionary assets to net zero by 2050, if not sooner. We are also committed to eradicating direct exposure to commodity-driven deforestation by 2025. Our adherence to the UK Stewardship Code, A+ rating by the CDP, and signing of the UN Global Compact Statement further underlines our dedication to sustainable practices.

Management and Specialist Teams

Our senior management teams have their remuneration tied to sustainability objectives, including achieving gender diversity and climate targets. We have a robust team of over 50 dedicated sustainability specialists who ensure our investment strategies are sustainable. They mandate the integration of ESG factors into every investment decision.

Sustainable Solutions and Their Impact

Cazenove’s award-winning sustainable solutions are designed to avoid harmful companies, benefit stakeholders and contribute to solutions with alignment to the UN SDGs. In 2022, our three flagship sustainable funds were estimated to have positively impacted 478,544 people through the provision of clean drinking water, education, social housing, inclusion, and healthcare. Furthermore, we helped avoid 196,179 tonnes of Co2 emissions, equivalent to the annual energy use of 24,725 homes.

Outreach and Education

We believe in the power of knowledge and the need to promote sustainable investments. In Jersey, we have been working with fiduciaries to understand and meet beneficiaries' needs and address any barriers to adopting a sustainable approach. In addition to the event mentioned above we have, over the last 18 months hosted 12 events promoting sustainable investing and conducted 93 meetings with local firms, including trust companies, financial advisors, investment consultants, lawyers, and accountants, to discuss our investment offerings, including sustainable investing. We remain committed to sharing our knowledge and assisting our clients including local intermediaries with sustainable investment solutions.



Cazenove Capital decided to participate in the Jersey Finance Sustainable Finance Awards to underscore our commitment to sustainable investing and promotion of how it is possible to invest to drive change. As joint winners of the Investment Management award we believe our efforts to integrate sustainability into our investment strategies have been recognised. This accolade not only reinforces our position as a leader in sustainable investing but also serves as a testament to our clients about the importance we place on sustainable investing. It’s an affirmation that our commitment to sustainability goes beyond words; we are actively implementing and promoting sustainable practices in our investment decisions. This award helps us in reinforcing to our clients that sustainable investing is not just about securing their financial future, but also about contributing to a sustainable and resilient world.

Cazenove Capital is a trading name of Schroders (C.I.) Limited, licensed and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission for banking, investment business and as credit provider; and regulated in Jersey in the conduct of investment business by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.