Key points featured within the research were that UHNW families seek quality and integrity; political and economic stability, as well as technology infrastructure, are important; and data privacy and security are essential.


Creating a new family office is a massive undertaking. The right choice of jurisdiction is crucial and there are many key factors to consider that will influence any final decision.

Hubbis conducted a mini survey focusing on the needs of, and choices for, Asia’s UHNW community as they scan the globe for optimal wealth management advice. This includes execution and structuring for greater simplicity and enhanced transparency, privacy and security, connectivity, stability and an increased focus on lifestyle and healthcare options for their families in the post-pandemic world.

To arrive at the findings, Hubbis surveyed 83 senior wealth management professionals in Asia, each of whom offered their own insights into these key issues and their own priorities as to the factors that will most influence their final decisions.

Maria McDermott › Market Development Consultant – Asia, Jersey Finance
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