Throughout our short but fruitful journey, the association has provided a platform for our members to collaborate and share their thoughts with the industry and regulators, including of course the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC). By working together, we have positioned ourselves to embrace new concepts and opportunities that arise in the wealth management sector.

Key Work Groups

Within CIWMA we are proud of our three key work groups in education, diversity and technology, each playing a vital role in advancing the industry. These groups, coupled with a strong committee representing a diverse range of member firms, have ensured that we stay ahead of the curve and are prepared for any changes that may impact the industry.

One of our ongoing focusses is attracting a broader base of talent to the sector. We believe that fostering diversity and embracing technology will be instrumental in achieving this goal. The CIWMA is committed to identifying trends that affect wealth management and guiding our members to adapt to these trends effectively.

As we progress into 2023 and beyond, we recognise the importance of staying aligned with global industry initiatives and leading the way for the Channel Islands. Our events in 2022 were successful in examining various topics and we are eager to build upon this momentum.

We take pride in Jersey’s thriving offshore investment management industry, which continues to grow and welcomes credible newcomers offering a diverse range of unique and innovative services. The ongoing consolidations that we are seeing within the sector are further enhancing its strength and presenting exciting new opportunities.

In addition, we are delighted that PwC has identified pivotal trends for 2023, including mainstreaming of alternatives, digital transformation prioritisation by asset and wealth management firms, building trust with digital assets and an intensified focus on environmental, social and governance ESG matters. Embracing these trends will ensure that our members remain competitive and relevant in the global market.


Jersey’s solid infrastructure and history of identifying niche opportunities that eventually become mainstream, underscore the dynamic nature of our industry. It is part of Jersey’s DNA to stay forward-thinking and responsive to emerging trends.

To all firms holding Jersey-regulated investment business (A, B, C) licenses and Guernsey-regulated (Protection of Investors) investment licenses, we extend an invitation to join the CIWMA and be part of this dynamic network.

We look forward to continuing our journey together, driving progress and promoting excellence in the wealth management industry.

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