I was really happy to receive the inaugural Sustainable Finance Future Influencer Award this year.

I started my career in Jersey’s trust sector, but I have always loved being outside in nature and am passionate about conservation and sustainability and so I decided to retrain. I was recently the proud recipient of a first class BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science from the Open University, which I studied for whilst working full time.

I joined PwC Channel Islands’ Sustainability team in 2022 where I am a Senior Associate. I really enjoy combining my knowledge of the local finance industry with my science and sustainability insights to serve local and global clients.

My work is often at the intersection of government and the finance industry, an area where a huge amount of impact can be had in driving transformative initiatives for social and environmental impact, bringing together the different parts of our island community. Examples range from helping carry out a significant research piece regarding the current and future state of sustainable finance market opportunities and risks and the evolving international regulatory environment, through to helping analyse and educate around the extent of impacts of Jersey’s financed activities on the SDGs. I also played a key role in the economic case for scaling up renewable energy generation ambitions for the island, enthusiastically feeding into the scientific side of the analysis as the local in-house scientist.


I believe it’s incumbent on sustainability professionals to support and influence wider change. I try to set an example in my own lifestyle and I really enjoy encouraging others in our firm to think sustainability in their work and to inspire them to take action. I recently took a key role in our Class of 2023 onboarding training, for example.

I also enjoy the collaboration across the sustainability sector on the island, actively engaging with fellow sustainability professionals, fostering partnerships and collaborations to advance sustainable finance on the island amongst my network.

My commitment to sustainability is also evident in my volunteer work for the Jersey Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, and academic work helping to understand the links between butterfly biodiversity and climate change. I’m an avid cyclist and vegetarian, and aim to serve as a role model for a more sustainable lifestyle. I like to think I have influenced many of my friends to make more conscious choices, even if they haven’t all gone vegetarian yet!

The Jersey Finance Sustainable Finance Awards are an excellent way to recognise the hard work of both individuals and teams, helping to build momentum around the sustainable finance movement in Jersey and show that this is a place with the necessary skills and capabilities to do sustainable business. Winning this award is a testament to the efforts being made by PwC CI to develop the next generation of talent, building upon the successes of today’s leadership team to upskill our future leaders for tomorrow’s world. I’d encourage everyone thinking of a career in sustainable finance to give it a go!