Jersey is rapidly evolving to become a leading jurisdiction for the many variants of sustainable investing.

There are several contributing factors to this but there are two in particular which led to the launch of Concentric – Jersey’s first sustainable investment consultancy.

Firstly, due to the highly evolved and regulated funds regime, fund sponsors wishing to raise capital for niche ideas or innovative technologies can almost certainly find a structure that suits their requirements.

This flexibility has led to the setting up of a number of Jersey entities managing sustainably-focussed investment strategies that create positive, definable social and environmental impacts.

Also, for investors seeking discretionary management, Jersey has many leading investment houses within walking distance of each other. Many of these investment managers are innovating within the sustainable and impact sector, benefiting investors from a managed approach to their assets and delivering strong returns with positive impact at their core.

Typically, investors taking this approach are those recognising their philanthropic activities achieve better long-term results by focussing on impact investing rather than charitable giving, as impact investing is far more effective in promoting ongoing sustainability through job creation and entrepreneurship.