The submission for the “Local Presence, Global Reach” category underscores KPMG’s commitment to sustainability and the growth of sustainable finance in Jersey and beyond, helping businesses and economies.

We work closely with clients in sectors like private equity, asset management, and banking, offering valuable perspectives on the risks and opportunities in sustainable finance for these industries. Leveraging our global expertise, the category aligns with KPMG’s commitment to supporting our clients in developing sustainable business models.

Some specific examples of our service lines and activities in Jersey include:

  • Tailoring our global climate risk training materials for senior finance professionals in Jersey, including those at the Jersey Financial Services Commission.
  • Utilizing our innovative ESG IQ tool to offer trustees in Jersey exceptional sustainability monitoring and reporting for private client financial assets.
  • Providing assurance on sustainability metrics related to ESG-linked loans for Jersey-based funds, drawing on our global ESG assurance expertise and market insights.
  • Assembling a cross-border team to enhance ESG data and reporting for portfolio companies in multiple European locations for a prominent private equity fund.

We also wanted to highlight our global network reach in making a meaningful contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As an example, we put forward KPMG’s recent cross-border collaboration with UNICEF, involving a multi-firm engagement that included colleagues in Jersey. The project helped support UNICEF’s funding model, demonstrating our expertise in evaluating and implementing innovative finance solutions for social impact.

The demand for assurance in the Private Equity sector and the organisation’s ability to meet this demand through a combination of global presence, subject matter expertise, and strong connections to the Jersey funds industry further solidify KPMG’s position in the sustainable finance landscape.

The Sustainable Finance Awards allows KPMG to highlight our dedication to sustainability and showcase the organisation’s impactful initiatives.

The promotional activity surrounding the awards, led by Jersey Finance, has been fantastic and allows both our positive recognition within the local industry and emphasises KPMG’s global efforts to drive the transition to a sustainable economic model.

We are delighted to have co-sponsored the event and celebrate those contributing to sustainable outcomes. We look forward to continuing future involvement, including co-sponsoring the Jersey Finance Sustainable Finance Awards in 2024!

Winning in the “Local Presence, Global Reach” category signifies recognition of KPMG as a leader in the field, showcasing the organisation’s ability to provide high-quality ESG expertise and promote sustainable finance in Jersey and globally. This translates to credibility and reassurance for our clients, reflecting transparency and trust in our sustainability reporting across the Crown Dependencies.

With a dedicated team of 1,110 ESG professionals well-versed in the evolving global business and regulatory landscape for sustainable finance, the award serves as a testament to KPMG’s success in integrating sustainability into its services, contributing to the growth of sustainable finance, and supporting the vision of “Jersey for Good.”