At the end of 2022, Rossborough Insurance partnered with Jersey Trees for Life on a rewilding project. Le Côtil de Vibert is a small woodland in St Ouen situated on the north facing valley side along Mont Vibert. Work on the site was delayed due to fallen trees but in May of 2023 a team of volunteers went down to the site to start work.

There is an opportunity to facilitate the establishment of a biodiverse woodland tolerant of the effects of global warming and designed to be attractive to bees and other local wildlife. Rossborough have exclusive access to the site, which includes a picnic area, and employees are able to take part in planting and woodland management.

Throughout the project, the following activities will be undertaken and surveys will take place to evidence outcomes such as the presence of mammals, breeding birds and plant diversity:

  1. Improve access to the site
  2. Initial woodland survey
  3. Reduce the number of dominant trees (sycamore)
  4. Replant mixed age trees (seeds, whips and trees)
  5. Plant new bulbs (native bluebell)
  6. Re sow ground flora
  7. Install bird and bat boxes
  8. Establish photo recording points
  9. Create a picnic area

Volunteers will help with planting the trees, whips and bulbs. They will also get involved in sowing seeds and clearing the picnic area and assist with general ongoing maintenance.