We are particularly keen to create cooperation opportunities in the areas of green finance and climate change. The extreme weather events of the last few years have highlighted the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

In order to deal with climate change, the City of London and Jersey have a responsibility to act globally, act radically and
act now.

The financial services sector will be key in charting a new course on the world stage. There is no doubt that sustainable finance has become a strategic priority as we emerge from the pandemic and begin our mission to build back better. Jersey has a vital role to play in the transition to net-zero. It will be key in directing capital and influencing best practice to support green finance.

Jersey is also well placed to benefit from the green revolution and sustainable investing. The Island’s recently launched long-term strategic plan to support its finance industry in its transition to a more environmental future is a great example of Jersey being at the forefront of sustainable growth.

There are a number of ways our two financial centres can work together towards the vision and objectives for where we intend to be by 2030. Not least of these is the sharing of expertise which will help drive both the UK’s and the Channel Island’s economic recovery, as we emerge from the challenges posed by COVID-19.

We at the City of London Corporation firmly believe in nurturing collaboration with Jersey and with other financial services across the UK. Closer collaboration can act as a springboard to growth and investment – helping to create jobs across regions.

In the wake of a pandemic which has shaken many certainties, strengthening our collaborative network will help to drive prosperity for the next 60 years and beyond.

Jersey First for Finance 13th Edition
In this special edition of Jersey ~ First for Finance, we highlight our contributors’ personal reflections on our industry’s sixty years and the challenges and opportunities we face in the future.
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