Significant changes in business and regulatory requirements have created a challenge all organisations face – the need to embrace technology. Companies must embrace digital adoption to continuously improve existing processes.

Our CEO Heather-Anne Hubbell recently shared her thoughts with Sabrina Akramova, Managing Editor of Financial IT, about embracing an adaptable approach to innovation.  We’ve included a few snippets from the article here:

Modernising operations through digital adoption helps manage risk and improves efficiency and employee and client satisfaction.  An inability to adapt can lead companies to fall behind, especially when their clients seek innovative ways of working.  A lack of trust and understanding of emerging technology is often the most significant barrier to digital adoption.

Phundex has spent years helping businesses transform their organisations to improve efficiency and regulatory compliance, encouraging technology to reduce administrative inefficiency and free up time for more value-added work. Some consistent points impact how successful organisations can embrace these changes and promote adaptability.

Organisations need to think of technology as a tool to streamline and simplify the way work is done and to understand that this is a continuous cycle, not a one-time event. Being open to this ongoing change is key to increased adaptability for the organisation and its internal and external stakeholders. Understanding and encouraging this is fundamental to successful adaptation for modern business. It must be encouraged top-down by the senior management within an organisation and supported throughout the company to be effective.

Successful adoption requires selecting tools with minimal technical integration requirements and easy adoption with existing processes without increasing operational risk. Through an increased reliance on digital technologies to leverage operational management, people skills can be leveraged to enhance the productivity and growth of the business where it really matters.

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Financial IT Fall Issue 2022 | Financial IT

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