Jersey’s finance industry is focused on developing a better, more certain future. For businesses, for the local community and the finance industry as a whole. By working with the right people and creating a safe and secure environment for investors, we can help to grow international economies, but more importantly, our local economy too.

The finance industry and its workers are proud to be part of Island life, supporting the economy and Islanders in building a prosperous future:

  • Providing jobs and opportunities for islanders, young and old
  • Helping build a stronger economy for the whole community
  • Creating jobs and supporting local businesses
  • Working within the community on local CSR initiatives
  • Making sure that Jersey’s interests are at the heart of what we do

A recent report by Oxford Economics illustrates the positive role the finance industry plays in our community. View our key findings.

Please explore our website to find out more about the work of the finance industry and its plans for the future. You can also find out about career opportunities available.

Jersey Finance’s role is to promote Jersey as the clear leader in future-focussed international finance. We work with our members to champion the competitive position of Jersey’s finance industry – both locally and internationally – by advocating the highest regulatory standards and the most attractive products and services to suit the needs of global investors.

Working together for a better future - Read our vision