Sancus Group publishes its first Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) report, marking the start of our journey towards greater transparency and sustainability.

As a company, Sancus acknowledges our responsibility to become a more sustainable business. We recognise the impact that we have on the environment and society, as well as the impact these have on our operations and financial performance. Therefore, we are committed to continuing our efforts to embed ESG principles into our operations and investments, building our capability and capacity to respond to these challenges and create long-term value for our stakeholders.

ESG is a continuous journey of assessment and refinement. At Sancus, we recognise that we are at the beginning of our ESG journey and that we still have much to learn and improve upon. This journey requires a commitment to ongoing education, regular reflection, and a willingness to adapt and change as needed. We understand that ESG is not a one-time project or initiative, but rather an ongoing process of improvement. We believe transparency is essential to this process. It allows us to be honest and open about our progress, challenges, and failures. It also enables our stakeholders to hold us accountable and provide feedback on our ESG efforts to enable us to ensure the long-term success and viability of our business.

ESG Priorities

Our strategic ESG priorities are focused on three main areas.

Commitment to reducing our environmental impact
Focus on improving our social impact
Enhancing the responsibility of our governance practices

Our Plan

We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations. We also aim to improve the communities we operate in through investment in local economies and delivery of voluntary programmes. Finally, we will prioritise good governance practices, work towards a more diverse and inclusive leadership approach and maintain high ethical standards across all aspects of our business.

We have set up a working group to lead initiatives in these areas, which we believe is a critical part of our company culture and ultimately business success. In addition, we have engaged external industry experts, Clarasys to support the delivery of our ESG objectives.

Providing training to our people to improve knowledge and make them an active part of Sancus’ ESG programme is a key component of our journey. Our overriding ambition is that ESG becomes an integral and integrated part of Sancus, which runs through the business as a whole, both in our practices and our people.

To read more about our ESG journey, please visit our website.