This factsheet includes amendments to the legislation, which allow a Jersey LLC to elect to be a body corporate. These amendments came into effect in February 2023.

Key features

  • Modelled on leading LLC regimes, mainly Delaware and Cayman
  • Legal personality and option to elect to be a body corporate, benefitting from limited liability
  • The unique flexibility of LLC operating agreements will afford members the ability to structure and manage their undertaking as best suits their needs
  • Managers will not be subject to fiduciary duties unless set out in the LLC Agreement, but will be subject to a baseline duty of good faith and with the additional flexibility of a member approval procedure
  • No requirement for the inclusion of Jersey resident members or managers (subject to regulatory and economic substance requirements)
  • Simple registration process by way of certificate and consent to issue interests from the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC), with the LLC Agreement not publicly available
  • Administration services to be provided on establishment and by a person registered under the Financial Services Jersey (FSJ) Law to carry on Trust Company Business (TCB)
  • A Jersey LLC can operate as a Jersey Private Fund or as a manager to a Jersey Private Fund
  • Subject to the usual JFSC fund permissions, an LLC will be able to market to EU investors under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) third country private placement rules
  • A Jersey LLC will be treated as transparent for domestic tax purposes in Jersey
  • The Jersey LLC is not subject to the UK’s City Panel Takeover Code
  • It can have its securities listed (debt or equity), although not if it is a Jersey Private Fund
  • There is a straightforward summary winding up process, based on a solvency statement

What can LLCs be used for?

The main use cases for the Jersey LLC are expected to be:

Securities Issuing Vehicles
Jersey Private Funds (JPF)
Manager to a Securities Issuing Vehicle
Manager or AIF Manager to a JPF
A Schedule 2 business requiring registration under the Proceeds of Crime (Supervisory Bodies) (Jersey) Law 2008

Why Jersey?

Cost effectiveness

Expert community of financial services providers, including a world-class professional and legal services network

The comfort of a well-regulated jurisdiction and future certainty for marketing under AIFMD


A leading international finance centre for more than 60 years

Further reading

This document provides a quick overview of the vehicle and its key features. More information and recent further amendments are available on the Jersey Legal Information Board (JLIB) website.

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