ESG and Governance
Est time to watch: 6 mins
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Domiciles and Disruption
Est time to watch: 5 mins
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Brexit and Market Access
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ESG & Governance - Discussion Points

  • Is ESG a major factor now when it comes to manager decisions?
  • What role is there for fund domiciles to support the global ESG movement?
  • Is the ‘G’ element growing in significance?
  • To what extent are governance and substance requirements influencing manager decisions?

Domiciles and Disruption - Discussion Points

  • What have been the key disruptive forces impacting domicile selection over the past few years?
  • How important is stability in the domiciliation selection process, in response to that disruption?
  • How has Jersey demonstrated resilience in the face of the pandemic?

Brexit and Market Access - Discussion Points

  • How has Jersey’s funds industry fared in the context of Brexit?
  • To what extent is market access a factor in domicile selection?
  • How are managers responding to evolving regulatory shifts and requirements around transparency, driven by the likes of the EU?
  • Are there different drivers to domiciliation across different geographical markets?
  • How important is it now for Jersey to demonstrate global capability?

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