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of planned initiatives achieved

£6.7 million

total income


of Members surveyed are favourable towards Jersey Finance


financial services firms with Jersey Finance Membership

17 million

opportunities to see Jersey Finance thought leadership though online and print channels


staff and consultants across eight locations, promoting our award-winning international finance centre

Chairman's Statement

2021 saw us reach the half-way point of our four-year business plan, which sets out our vision for the Island’s finance sector.

Although the disruption caused by the global pandemic has been unprecedented in recent times, the key trends highlighted in our plan around the importance of reputation, the changing geopolitical landscape, digitisation and shifts in customer expectations, consolidation, and a focus on ultrahigh- net-worth and growth markets, remain relevant. Indeed, the significance of these trends is increased when additional factors such as supporting economic recovery, prioritising sustainability and fintech are all taken into account.

Everyone has needed to rapidly evolve and adapt over the last two years, and we are no different. As a result, we have intensified our focus on our vision, mission and objectives, to ensure we are equipped to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving and adapting sector.

We set out in 2021 to futureproof Jersey’s competitive position as an international finance centre of excellence through an ambitious programme of initiatives. Despite the continued challenging backdrop seen globally, I am pleased to report that we have delivered over 90% of these, which this report sets out in detail.

This could not be done without such a fantastic team at Jersey Finance, all of whom play a significant role in the organisation and in supporting Jersey’s finance industry. Our progress is testament to the positive impact our collaborative approach with the Government of Jersey, the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC), the finance sector as a whole, and our wider Island community makes. The collaboration between those parties is what really makes Jersey the successful financial hub it is today, and we need to continue to send that message out loud and clear.

Jason Laity
Jason Laity

CEO Welcome

2021 was a particularly significant year for Jersey Finance because it marked 20 years since its inception as an organisation, formed to represent and promote Jersey as the clear leader in international finance.

Two decades on and we continue to do this, with 2021 proving to be another busy year for Jersey Finance. This report aims to provide an update on the activity of the organisation set against our objectives.

Our membership base of over 170 finance companies contributes both financially and through their expertise. This greatly informs the activity we undertake to better position the Island’s finance industry; from the type and location of events we hold, to which research reports or legislative updates we should champion.

Our 37 strong team of professionals, based not only in Jersey but also across our key international markets, are the force behind our vision to promote Jersey as a future-focussed IFC.

As an organisation we work to champion the Island’s finance sector in global markets. We strive to do so not in isolation but rather fully acknowledging the industry’s connection with Island life – by partnering with local charities, community initiatives and education programmes, and by providing economic stimulus to other sectors of the economy.

The environment we operate in remains highly complex and competitive and there will continue to be political and regulatory pressure put on IFCs going forward. The work Jersey Finance undertakes, combined with our collaborative approach, will keep us in good stead to meet those challenges head on and maintain our reputation as a centre of excellence.

Joe Moynihan
Joe Moynihan
Chief Executive Officer, Jersey Finance