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The financial services landscape is currently being re-shaped by the twin trends of digital technology and the rapid rise of sustainable finance, and Jersey’s aspirations as an International Finance Centre encompass bold visions and ambitions in both areas.

In light of this, we will be hosting the 2023 Demo Day event, which for the first time will bring together our popular Fintech and Sustainable Finance demo days.

The 2023 Demo Day is designed to showcase fintech products from a range of firms to help drive increased adoption of fintech and sustainability, centring on the question: If you were building a financial services business from scratch, how would you make it entirely technologically enabled?

This will be the first event of its kind focussing on tech solutions throughout the full operations of firms – from onboarding a client, through to day-to-day communications and administration and compliance monitoring.

Open to Members of Jersey Finance only.

For more information, please contact the events team.


We want your organisation to perform and dance like starlings in murmuration…

We believe we need more agile, resilient and more human organisations – right now!

Governance is beautiful; an interconnected, multifactorial and complex system capable of transforming organisational and societal outcomes, such as securing intergenerational value and peace.

We have created a governance model, methodology and AI driven technology that measures these interconnected relationships so to harness this interconnectedness and strategically co-steer organisational leadership teams towards precisely where to focus their precious time, money and effort.

Cybermaniacs IS the Human Side of Cybersecurity. We work with customers through three areas of impact…

WE ENGAGE – We get users’ attention, keep them fully engaged and give them actionable tools. Our learning is rooted in critical cyber competencies, human psychology, corporate anthropology, and modern digital design.

WE MEASURE – We pinpoint human cyber risk within client organizations. We reveal high-risk areas for interventions, strengths to leverage for risk mitigation, and change management considerations to clearly shape your cyber culture.

WE SECURE – We can help you build a full scale cyber culture program through managed services, bespoke content, and ongoing support.

FundCount provides a unified accounting, investment analysis, and reporting solution for family offices, fund administration, hedge funds, and private equity firms. FundCount’s accurate, timely information and flexible reporting, built around a continuous accounting paradigm, improves operational efficiency, and brings immediate, actionable intelligence to clients around the globe.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and experienced analysts, Neotas are going beyond and setting new standards in Online Investigative Due Diligence, Staff Screening, and Compliance.

Our in-house methodologies and proprietary software are analyst driven and were designed by those who have protected the national interests of the United Kingdom in roles within the government, law enforcement, fraud prevention, cyber security, and the military.

Whether it’d be in-depth reports, entity network analysis, risk assessment matrices, or dynamic risk assessments all of our outputs provide actionable insights to inform decision making.

Orpheus is a cybersecurity company that offers predictive and actionable intelligence to help clients anticipate, prepare for, and respond to cyber threats. They provide tailored intelligence subscriptions based on factors such as industry and technology, which are curated by highly qualified analysts. Orpheus is accredited by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, Bank of England, and CREST as a specialist cyber threat intelligence company, making them one of the few companies capable of providing intelligence-led critical national infrastructure testing frameworks such as CBEST and TBEST.

For over 20 years Vega Technology has been at the forefront of developing FinTech & RegTech software.

Our software has been developed in response to pressure on the private wealth sector to remain competitive and reduce costs, whilst maintaining high standards of client service. From eBanking and AEOI reporting to onboarding and compliance, Vega’s suite of products automates and streamlines functions, improving efficiency and strengthening client relationships. Our software is easy to use and is continually developed to keep pace with the changing financial landscape, our clients range from boutique trust and fund businesses to global banking brands and our business has gained a reputation for being competitive, flexible and highly responsive.

Talent Management from start to finish. Find, build and grow the best talent.

We have unified the leading talent experts. Bringing together the best minds, skills and technology to connect with your organisation and understand your challenges inside out. Talogy will help you discover your organisational brilliance with our talent assessment, development and consulting solutions.

The secret to hiring and developing the right people can be found somewhere in the middle. Between psychology and technology.

At Talogy, we’re an alloy of both.

Next DLP (“Next”) is a leading provider of data protection solutions for organizations with valuable data who need to uncover risk, educate employees and fulfill security, compliance and regulatory needs. Next’s mission is to reinvent data protection for today’s distributed organization and it is disrupting the legacy data loss prevention market with a user-centric, flexible, cloud-native, AI/ML powered solution built for today’s threat landscape. Next is trusted by organizations big and small, from Fortune 100 finance and retailers to fast growing healthcare and technology companies.


Nathalie Andersson › Strategy and Research Manager, Jersey Finance
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Nathalie joined Jersey Finance in January 2022 as a Strategy and Research Manager with a specific focus on Fintech.

Prior to joining Jersey Finance, Nathalie worked as an Assurance Manager at PwC in Jersey with a special interest in digital transformation and regulatory matters across the financial services industry.

Nathalie was born and educated in Sweden, studying Law at the School of Business, Economic and Law at the University of Gothenburg followed by Entrepreneurship and Business Design at Chalmers University of Technology, before relocating to Jersey in 2016.

Perrin Carey

Perrin Carey CEO and Founder, CoSteer

Perrin founded CoSteer after an impressive corporate career and is a highly experienced, professionally qualified Fellow of the International Compliance Association (FICA) with a Post-Grad in Corporate Governance. He is a researcher in organisational culture, a qualified teacher, speaker and is passionate about changing the narrative surrounding governance, risk and compliance and their integration with organisational culture. As CEO of CoSteer, he created GOVindicia®, a regulatory technology and assessment with a human-focused approach. This technology helps organisations move towards a more dynamic, flexible and responsive business model that promotes long-term growth, shareholder value, sustainability, consumer confidence and regulatory compliance.

Kate Brett

Kate Brett CEO and Founder, Cybermaniacs

Kate is the CEO and Founder of Cybermaniacs, bringing new ideas and innovative approaches to the critical area of human cyber protection and cyber security awareness. She spent 20 years in the IT trenches focused on solving complex technical problems, implementing compliance and regulatory programs, leading digital transformation initiatives and empowering people for change. Previously with Gartner, Parsons Brinkerhoff, Eze Castle, and Omnicom, she also ran a successful boutique consultancy firm out of London while raising three kids before founding Cybermaniacs. She acts as an advisor to startups in the UK and US, with the Ladies of London Hacking Society, and speaks internationally on leadership, cyber security, and technology change topics.

Ashley Whittaker

Ashley Whittaker President of Global Sales, Fundcount

As President of Global Sales, Ashley manages FundCount’s global sales teams. He focuses on delivering accounting, investment management, and automation solutions that reduce cost and the strategic and operational risks of private equity firms, hedge funds, family offices, and fund administrators. Prior to FundCount, Ashley’s career encompassed government, consulting, blue-chip corporation, and entrepreneurial roles. As a Deloitte-trained Chartered Accountant, Ashley has been at the forefront of the fintech cloud-application SaaS space since 1999. That year, he launched GlobalExpense, the U.K.’s first B2B cloud SaaS company providing online expense management solutions.

Ian Howard

Ian Howard Director and Co-founder, Neotas

Ian has over 30 years’ experience in finance and investment markets. Ian’s industry knowledge is extensive, ranging from credit derivatives to capital markets, from trading to hedge funds. His previous roles have included Head of Credit Business at a Canadian bank and following that, he became Head of Business Development at JDX Consulting in London.

Stuart Barnett

Stuart Barnett Director of Threat Intelligence, Orpheus

Stuart is the Director of Threat Intelligence at Orpheus. Stuart holds extensive experience across the Cyber Threat intelligence field. Before joining Orpheus, Stuart enjoyed a number of senior roles in prime consultancies such as Deloitte and BAE Systems Applied Intelligence where he has led and coordinated cyber threat intelligence engagements across a broad spectrum of clients. These have ranged from UK Government departments to a variety of commercial organisations including extensive experience of operating in Financial Services and the Defence sector amongst others. Stuart has also worked as an end user of cyber threat intelligence during his time in the IT Security Team at Nomura, one of Japan’s largest investment banks and as a senior cyber researcher in the Home Office Criticakl National Infrastructure (CNI) team. As part of his current role in Orpheus, Stuart coordinates multiple CBEST and TIBER Intelligence lead pen testing engagements with Financial Services clients.

David Collings

David Collings Managing & Technical Director, Vega Technology Group

David began developing software commercially while still a teenager at school. Always wanting to use innovative technology his first business venture provided fact-find, needs analysis and quotation software on early laptops for the finance industry. Armed with a wealth of experience he then became established as a system architect for a major financial services institution. Recognising the potential of the internet in the mid 1990’s, David went on to found Vega Solutions, developing web portal and banking solutions for the offshore private wealth industry. Following the merger of Acusoft, Fusion System and Vega Solutions David was appointed MD/CTO for Vega Technology.

Chris Denbigh-White

Chris Denbigh-White Chief Security Officer, Next DLP

Chris Denbigh-White is an accomplished information security professional with a wealth of experience in both the public and private sectors. With a background as a former police and intelligence officer, he has built his career in system design, defence, and governance. Chris has held various roles of increasing responsibility, including serving as a member of the office of the CISO at Deutsche Bank. He is highly regarded for his expertise in cyber analysis and is currently leading the security function at Next DLP as Chief Security Officer. Chris is also an active contributor to the advisory board of the SANS Institute and has played a role in the development of the ISC2 CISSP exam by assisting in certification question writing. Chris mixes his breadth of experience and knowledge with a certain degree of dry humour which makes his infosec talks (sometimes) both entertaining and thought provoking.

Ali Shalfrooshan

Ali Shalfrooshan Head of International Assessment, Talogy

Ali is an award-winning business psychologist with a passion for using psychology, technology and psychometric test design to help organisations and individuals thrive. He has a particular interest in designing solutions that combine technology and scientific rigour to help deliver a measurable business impact. Ali has extensive experience in leading the design of technology-enabled solutions for both development and assessment. He and his colleagues have won multiple awards including, the E-Assessment Best Talent Management solution in 2022, ABP Excellence in Assessment Award in 2018 and the ABP excellence in assessment award in 2017. Ali has designed a variety of solutions covering the entire end to end recruitment cycle, from attraction, sifting out, to selecting in. He has also helped deliver and design solutions to help enhance leadership effectiveness and engagement.





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