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Addiction to most people means being out of control on drugs and alcohol. But that is only a tiny fraction of this devastating mental health condition that rocks families to the core casting a shadow over generations. Alongside any addict is always a codependent, absorbing the consequences and often unwittingly enabling the addiction. At risk are certain family members and also, importantly, all those working alongside the family in a helping role. Wealth is no defence either. In fact HNW families can provide the ideal climate for this self-destructive sickness to thrive and it takes experience, courage and understanding to motivate real change. Mandy Saligari will share her extraordinary understanding and experience of working with addiction over the last 25 years. Speaking with wit, clarity and compassion, Mandy's down to earth approach is a breath of fresh air that will bring this subject to life.
You will leave with the skills:

  • to recognise addictive behaviour in its formative stages;
  • to understand, and therefore better manage, the family dynamic when any addictive disorder is present;
  • to feel able to approach working around addictive behaviours more effectively;
  • to better manage a business or personal relationship with an addict;
  • to feel more confident of how to deal with addictive patterns in a constructive and sustainable way.

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