Member Definition Reminder

To be a Member of Jersey Finance, a Member or a prospective Member must have at least one person employed in Jersey and fulfil one of the following conditions:

  • Is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission and provides financial services in or from Jersey
  • Provides financial services in or from Jersey but is not regulated because it can take advantage of an appropriate exemption
  • Is a family office or other administrative office in Jersey providing financial or related services to one family only (or connected families) but does not otherwise offer its services to the public
  • Offers legal, accounting, or other professional services related to financial services, including providing technology software or consultancy related to financial services.
Membership and CEO Connect

Available as a ‘bolt-on’ option to Membership status, CEO Connect provides the CEOs of member firms with timely and informative content, access to exclusive roundtables and advance briefings of report launches to aid business planning and strategy.

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