Investing in a strong sense of self-worth and preparing thoroughly are key factors to negotiating successfully, as heard at a local women’s business forum last week.  

The first Lean In Jersey event of 2018, hosted by Intertrust, featured Liz Rivers, an international leadership coach, mediator and speaker, as guest speaker and she presented on how to become a masterful negotiator.  

Ms Rivers told the audience that research has shown that women are excellent negotiators, but they tend to do less well when advocating for themselves.  

Instead, women generally prefer to work hard and hope they will be noticed and rewarded – which is known as ‘Tiara Syndrome’ and is something that Ms Rivers encouraged the audience to avoid.  

A sense of self-worth is one of the first steps to a successful negotiation, Ms Rivers said, who advised the audience to always prepare properly before any form of negotiation, understand the personalities of who they would be negotiating with, along with visualising a role model to reinforce confidence.  

Tania Bearryman, director, executive committee member of Intertrust and member of the Lean In Jersey committee, said: "I’ve spoken to several of the guests after the event and know that they found Liz’s words of wisdom very empowering. We’d all like to thank Liz for sharing her top tips with the Lean In circle.

 “At Intertrust we value equality and diversity across our business so we were pleased to sponsor this event and welcome Liz and the Lean In circle to our office.”  

Lean In Jersey is a group set up to support women in business based on ideas put forward in the bestselling book Lean in: Women, Work and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook.