Jersey, Channel Islands — Fiduchi, a leading Jersey-regulated Trust Company, is delighted to partner with Camper & Nicholsons to launch a new service for yacht owners, Camper & Nicholsons Corporate Services.

The Fiduchi Marine team, based in Jersey and led by Hannah Tully, will be working hand in hand with Camper & Nicholsons to deliver this service, assisting with the flagging and structuring of yachts in all the relevant jurisdictions.

Working closely with Hannah will be Vincent McCartney from Camper & Nicholsons. Vincent has over 20 years’ experience in corporate services and has specialised in structuring corporate entities for yachts and luxury assets since 2008. Vincent’s in-depth understanding of the legal, financial, and administrative aspects of yacht ownership means that he and the team can provide owners with solutions tailored to their individual needs.

This partnership between Fiduchi and Camper & Nicholsons will further assist owners by simplifying the intricacies of yacht ownership, expertly managing the creation and administration of corporate structures, limiting owner liability related to the yacht, and advising on both tax efficiencies and compliance.

“Our global approach to improving the client experience, an approach where the client is at the centre of everything we do, has resulted in the development of a wide range of services and solutions facilitating every aspect of the yachting lifestyle. The addition of Camper & Nicholsons Corporate Services to the portfolio enables us to offer a truly holistic support network, redefining the concept of a ‘full-service yacht company’.” – Paolo Casani, Group Chief Executive Officer at Camper & Nicholsons.

“Fiduchi is thrilled to embark on this exciting partnership with Camper & Nicholsons, as we set sail on a journey to elevate the customer experience and redefine the world of yacht ownership.” — David Hopkins, Managing Director at the Fiduchi Group.

“Camper & Nicholsons Corporate Services enables us to further simplify the complexities of yacht ownership and reinforce our commitment to clients, by providing them with a team of specialists in every aspect of yachting.” – Vincent McCartney, Managing Director, Camper & Nicholsons Corporate Services.

Camper & Nicholsons Corporate Services will operate from the Group’s head office in Monaco.
This service will offer clients the Fiduchi Group’s extensive expertise, built for over 40 years, in the legal, financial, and administrative aspects of yacht ownership.

Should you be interested in finding out about how Fiduchi can help, and to learn more about the services that we offer, please contact Hannah on +44 (0) 7829 727546 or