As a locally owned and locally-managed business, Fairway is proud to support the local Jersey community. Every year the team identifies a charity to support through staff activities, and in 2022 raised £8,000 for Dementia Jersey.

Originally an arm of the UK Alzheimer’s Society, Dementia Jersey (previously Jersey Alzheimer’s Association) was formed in 2010 to support islanders affected by dementia. Jersey has more than 1,600 people diagnosed with some form of dementia and the charity believes there will be many more that we aren’t aware of. Since 2012 Dementia Jersey has experienced a dramatic 235% increase in demand for its services and now regularly welcomes over 400 people to their events and activities each month.

The team raised the £8,000 via payroll giving, undertaking a fitness challenge, a ‘who can do the most steps’ league, a Halloween social event at which directors were ‘gunged’ when a target amount of money was raised, an end of year raffle, bake sales and other fun fundraising initiatives.

“I am incredibly proud of our team,” said Alistair Rothwell, Chief Executive Officer, Fairway. “Not only are they extremely hard working and committed to their clients and their work, they are equally as passionate and caring about supporting our local Jersey community. They are committed to doing what they can to make a small difference to those charities and community groups that deliver the most meaningful and appreciated services to islanders who need support. Dementia Jersey is one of these outstanding charities. We hope that the £8,000 raised by our generous team helps Dementia Jersey and goes some way to showing their team how much they are appreciated.”