This month, Business Development Consultant – Asia, Maria McDermott, hosted her first in-region events of the year: one in Hong Kong SAR co-hosted by Praxis, and another in Shanghai co-hosted by TMF Group.


Thursday 14 March 2024, Hong Kong SAR Jersey Trust Insights: Exploring Jersey Trust Advantages

Led by Maria McDermott, our Business Development Consultant – Asia, and Dan Toft, Director and Senior Executive Officer, UAE, at Praxis, this event focussed on Jersey’s trust structures, emphasising its robust legal framework for wealth preservation.

Attendees gained insights into the technicalities of trust management and the significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment considerations. The collaborative event showcased Jersey as a jurisdiction of choice for private wealth and highlighted its commitment to sustainable and responsible investing.

If you couldn’t make it to the event, you can still explore case studies from Praxis. These studies illustrate how various trust structures are tailored to meet the requirements of clients based in Asia.

Case Studies
Tuesday 19 March 2024, Shanghai Jersey Insights: Jersey as a Jurisdiction of Choice

Our ‘Jersey Insights: Jersey as a Jurisdiction of Choice’ event, co-hosted by Jersey Finance and TMF Group (TMF), was led by Maria McDermott, our Business Development Consultant – Asia, Lilian Huang, Head of China and Taiwan Market at TMF, and Daniel Max, Head of Global Solutions at TMF.

The event gave guests an overview of Jersey’s expertise in wealth management, corporate services, and investment funds, focussing on its connectivity to global markets, especially in Asia. Nicolas Zhai from STEP discussed key findings from the STEP report ‘The Social and Economic Benefits of Trusts’. Guests had the opportunity to network during lunch.


We’re delighted with the success of these events. To find out more about our upcoming activity in mainland China and Hong Kong SAR, please get in touch with Maria McDermott.