Jersken Little Angels Home

Jersken Little Angels Home, founded in 2013, is a charity organisation that provides orphaned children in Machakos County in Kenya with shelter, food and education.

During our visit to Kenya, we were delighted to meet the children and pass on donations collected by staff, family and friends, including clothing, shoes and books.

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Jersey 2 Africa 4 Football Foundation

The Jersey 2 Africa 4 Football Foundation is a Jersey-based non-profit organisation dedicated to improving young lives in Africa. Working within the slum regions on the outskirts of Nairobi, providing football kits and training sessions to improve the lives of young people.

We delivered a donation of football kits, footballs and boots to the organisation. As part of our time in Kenya, the charity arranged a visit to Alive and Kicking; a football-making factory in Kenya where footballs are created to have a positive social impact in the way they are manufactured, sold and used. We were treated to a guided tour and purchased several footballs.

Following this tour, we travelled to a community organisation named VAP (Vijana Amani Pamoja) which uses the power and the popularity of the game of football as a catalyst for social and economic empowerment. VAP  seeks to engage youth, both boys and girls from the underserved communities and trains them to become great agents and drivers of positive change.

Onsite at VAP’s latest community project, we were honoured to meet Enouce Ndeche, the CEO and Nancy Waweru, Programme Director and their colleagues for a tour of a site which will eventually house a multi-agency building for local health and social care professionals. Adjacent to the site, and in partnership with Jersey 2 Africa 4 Football Foundation, VAP is bidding for funding to install a football pitch made entirely from plastic crisp packets.

Jersey Finance donated the footballs purchased from Alive and Kicking, as well as football kit and boots, to the children participating in VAP’s latest community programme.