In an article on optimising family business asset holdings, he reflects on the discussion points raised at Jersey Finance’s recent events in Nairobi and Mombasa.

To set the scene, Bhana shares astounding statistics about Kenyan family-owned businesses, referring to them as the backbone of the economy owing to the staggering 80% they contribute to the country’s GDP.

He reflects on the challenges family businesses in the region face to ensure their long-term prosperity beyond passion and hard work, offering the view that optimised holding structures can play a pivotal role in preserving family legacies and navigating the complexities of the business landscape.

Using a real-life anonymised case study of a Kenyan entrepreneur who inherited a hospitality business, he illustrates how expert advisers’ guidance helped shape and grow the business and preserve the family legacy.

The article provides clear opportunities for finance professionals in Jersey’s international finance centre who work with Kenyan family businesses.

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