In July, we partnered with IFI Global for a roundtable discussion on the pressing topic of capital-raising challenges in today’s evolving financial landscape. The event focussed on factors driving managers to explore international markets for diversifying funding sources, including the shrinking supply of money, rising interest rates, longer holding periods for portfolio companies, and the implications of de-dollarization. It delved into the challenges faced by US-based alternative investment managers and explored potential solutions in navigating unfamiliar market dynamics and regulatory frameworks.

August saw us sponsor the Annual Private Equity Chicago Forum, a Midwest investor-centric event for LPs investing in private markets. Organised by Markets Group, the forum brought together investors, fund managers, and advisers to discuss sectors, due diligence, and private equity investment opportunities in the US and around the world. Session topics covered the entire spectrum of private equity investments, from sector-specific sessions on venture capital, to discussions on global buyout opportunities and roundtables of leading global institutional investors discussing their specific investment appetites.

View a selection of event photos below:

Private Equity Forum, Chicago

IFI Global Event, New York

Our next event in the US is the 6th Annual Private Equity San Francisco Forum, also organised by the Markets Group.

If you’re interested in Jersey’s Stateside activity, or in the appeal of using our international finance centre in the US, please contact Philip Pirecki, Americas Lead for Jersey Finance.