Phundex and Gibson Strategy are pleased to announce a strategic alliance to leverage our combined expertise within the global private wealth sector. The Phundex Management team has helped clients across the financial services sector leverage technology to improve efficiencies, meet regulatory requirements and reduce costs and operational risk.  Gibson Strategy has expertise in experience led research, business development and growth in the private wealth sector.  This initiative deepens our knowledge and approach to supporting the private wealth sector to adopt technologies which are ideally suited to the way they do business.

«We are delighted to be working with Gibson Strategy to scale our strategic business initiatives.  Gibson Strategy’s extensive experience working with private clients (high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals), family offices and private wealth professionals globally provides a pivotal enhancement to our capabilities.  As part of the Gibson Strategy Research and Education programme, Dr Gibson has interviewed over 1000 individuals who are uniquely placed to provide deep insight into this fascinating market.”

Heather-Anne Hubbell, CEO, Phundex

“We’re pleased to be working with a platform like Phundex, supporting their business and client engagement strategy. Phundex is uniquely suited to the global private wealth sector.  I am looking forward to working with Heather-Anne and her team”

Dr Stuart Gibson, CEO & Founder, Gibson Strategy

About Phundex

Phundex has created an end-to-end digital pathway that supports collaboration between family offices, innovation hubs, funds, administrators, and investors, across the investment lifecycle.

Our centralised process, transaction and data management hub improves efficiency, reduces operational risk and improves communication across stakeholders.  Phundex is a collaboration platform for people, processes, and technology, allowing transactions to close faster and processes to be completed more efficiently.  We’ve worked in the industry for years, so we designed Phundex to streamline and standardise processes, improve go-to-market time and provide better transparency and disclosure.


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About Gibson Strategy

Gibson Strategy provides research and insight into private wealth management and advice on business strategy and due diligence within the global financial services sector.  Gibson Strategy has produced a series of Private Wealth Reports focused on the United Kingdom, its Crown Dependencies, and the global marketplace, which can be found here:  Gibson Strategy Global Wealth Reports

Find out more about Gibson Strategy at Gibson Strategy  and on LinkedIn at: Gibson Strategy LinkedIn