PraxisIFM in Jersey has been accredited as a STEP Platinum Employer Partner.

The Employer Partnership Programme (EPP) offers a map of learning and development standards which wealth and advisory businesses can use as a benchmark to asses their own provisions against. The primary goal is to encourage supportive organisational learning cultures and businesses have to complete a thorough application process evidencing their approach and commitment to professional development.

The EPP has three levels of recognition, silver, gold and platinum, each outlined by a set of standards to be achieved and demonstrated. The standards cover three focal areas of learning and development: the individual, the collective and the organisation. PraxisIFM, having achieved platinum status in Jersey, Guernsey, Switzerland and the UK, exemplifies the highest standard of learning and development provisions and opportunities for its staff.

PraxisIFM’s Chief Executive Officer, Rob Fearis, said: ‘We place a great deal of value on providing learning and development opportunities and support to our employees. We recognise the positive impact of being challenged, continually building upon knowledge and expertise, and learning from past experiences; not only for an individual’s motivation, engagement and progression but also for the team around them. It also means that our clients can be confident that they are being supported by experts who have the necessary knowledge and training to deliver an exceptional service.

‘We’re incredibly proud that our new STEP accreditations reflect our organisation-wide culture to encourage, support and recognise professional development, as well as demonstrating that our training framework, opportunities and review processes meet a global, gold-standard benchmark. Congratulations to our four jurisdictions that have achieved this prestigious accreditation. We look forward to working with STEP to gain further recognition throughout the Group.’

Jenni Hutchinson, Head of Employer Partnerships for STEP said ‘We are delighted to welcome PraxisIFM as a Platinum Employer Partner. It is clear that learning and development is very much part of the Group’s culture and strategic focus. There is excellent support for learning and development within the organisation, professional qualifications are encouraged and fully funded and the Board pays close attention to staff development, ensuring that what they are offering is right for their employees by means of regular surveys. It was also very pleasing to note the focus on employee wellbeing and the celebration of success within what is a very positive culture. Congratulations to you all on these well-deserved accreditations.’