SRM Accountancy is proud to announce its sponsorship of the largest on island Golf Academy for children in Jersey. We are delighted to support Andrew Chamberlain, PGA Professional and Coach and contribute to the Academy’s continued growth and success. The Academy is in its third year, and SRM Accountancy is delighted to join the Golf Academy to continue the remarkable progress.

Currently, the Academy caters to 88 children between the ages of 7 and 14. With SRM Accountancy’s support, the Academy aims to increase the number of participants, highlighting their commitment to promoting youth development in golf in Jersey. To accommodate this expansion, Michael Hood has joined as an additional coach, who has assisted in furthering the SRM Golf Academy’s annual program.

The Academy’s season spans 24 weeks, divided into three 8-week terms. The term started in early March and will conclude in late November. Each session lasts for 90 minutes, allowing for focused learning and engagement. Each class accommodates nine children to ensure a conducive learning environment, providing personalised attention and instruction.

Throughout the year, the Academy organises various competitions at Wheatlands Golf Club, a tradition cherished by the honouree children. These events allow young golfers to showcase their skills and enjoy the camaraderie of friendly competition. The season culminates with an exciting end-of-season competition, where parents join in to create a team atmosphere. Prizes are awarded across different player categories, adding an element of excitement and motivation for the children to excel during their rounds. This year, the event will be held on Saturday, 16th September at Wheatlands Golf Course. Tee off is 2.40 pm. Prize giving will be at Longueville Golf Range afterwards at 6.30 pm.

In tandem, a virtual golf day has been arranged for the rest of the SRM Accountancy Junior Golf Academy that same afternoon at Longueville Golf Range. Tee off is at 4.30 pm. We are looking forward to a fun and eventful day of putting and hole in ones!

Shakera Rolle-Manual, Founder and Director of SRM Accountancy, commented, “At the heart of the Academy is a strong ethos centred around nurturing the physical and mental development of the participating children. The children are encouraged to share their experiences and engage in discussions each week, fostering friendships and enhancing their social skills. Alongside golf, SRM Golf Academy develops essential life skills to benefit the children beyond the golf course. SRM Accountancy is thrilled to support the on island Golf Academy for children and we look forward to witnessing the growth and achievements of these talented young golfers. I have even taken up golf myself! You are never too old to learn. Through our partnership with Andrew Chamberlain, we hope to inspire a new generation of passionate golfers and contribute to their holistic development.”

Andrew Chamberlain, Class AA/AAT PGA Professional, stated,
“With the Academy now being in its third year, we can now see the fruits of our labour. Many of the children have progressed from the beginner stage to active members of the Royal Jersey Golf Club and possess some ever decreasing handicaps. It is not only physical and athletic progress that we can see. We can also see the progress they have made in their confidence levels and in their social skills. We are incredibly lucky to have such wonderful children as part of our Academy, with some super supportive parents and it’s truly exciting to be part of something that continues to grow rapidly. Having the support of SRM Accountancy has meant we can offer a truly unique golfing experience to so many local children. Shakera shares our vision of what the Academy represents and its purpose and I’m sure we’ll serve many more children in the future.”