The purpose of this consultation is to help Government gather the views of its stakeholders in the finance industry and in the wider community on what its framework and policy approach to sustainable finance should look like. This should be a balanced combination of sustainable finance actions and policies that protect and promote Jersey as an international finance centre.

This consultation seeks to gather specific feedback of possible Government intervention levels sought (compliant/moderate/advance) in four main policy areas:

1) Corporate sustainability disclosures
2) Risk and governance considerations
3) Anti greenwashing and labelling
4) Use of strategic enablers

Jersey Finance has been engaging with the industry to showcase the huge amount of work being undertaken by our finance industry, in line with our vision and strategy:

“By 2030, Jersey will be recognised by its clients, key stakeholders and other partners as the leading sustainable international finance centre in the markets it serves.”

Jersey Finance Members can read the full consultation paper and submit a response, by visiting our Knowledge Hub.

Visit our Sustainable Finance Resources Hub to read articles, news and thought leadership pieces from local firms working in the sustainable finance sector.