The United National (UN) Global Compact is a unique initiative of the UN Secretary-General involving 62 country networks. The Compact inspires companies to align their operations and strategies with 10 human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption principles.

The UK Global Compact Network (UK GC Network), consisting of 930 UK-based participants, has recently released two important reports which seek to galvanise and inspire businesses and firms across the globe to achieve the UN SDGs.

2023 Annual Review

The 2023 annual report, which includes a round-up of the UK GC Network’s activities in the areas of environment and social sustainability, governance and SDGs, and its annual summit.

Firms in Jersey can be inspired by the progress made by the UK GC Network, learning about the work done to accelerate action towards the 10 Principles and the SDGs and the programmes they ran in 2023. The report also includes a brief look ahead at this year and how they will respond to emerging sustainability trends and evolving demands of the global business landscape.

View the 2023 annual report on the UK GC Network website.

SDG Showcase

The SDG Showcase report, subtitled ‘How Companies are Contributing to Achieving Agenda 2030,’ is a useful tool for Jersey firms to gauge how businesses assess material SDG impacts and find examples of good practices from the private sector.

Covering each SDG in turn, the report lists tools and resources firms can use to accelerate action towards achieving each SDG and advance impact. In a summary on the topic of ‘policymaker asks,’ the report recognises the importance of Government-led policies that support businesses in achieving social sustainability and accelerating action towards environmental sustainability.

Read the SDG Showcase report  on the UN GC Network website.

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For more information on Jersey’s work with the UK Compact network, or to receive more updates from us about developments in sustainable finance, please contact our sustainable finance lead, Tom McKenna.