The amazing Intrepid 232 crew from Jersey have made history – they are now officially the oldest all-female crew to row any ocean, with their combined ages of 232 – surpassing the previous record of 188 years, which was set by a team from Yorkshire in 2016.

Julie Brady, Helene Monpetit, Rosemary Satchwell and Alison Smithurst have reached the shores of Antigua, having had to battle strong winds over the last week. They had to deploy their “para-anchor” after drifting eastward, with only 80 nautical miles left to row. Now safely ashore, we hope the ladies are celebrating with their loved ones after almost two months at sea.

The World’s Toughest Row, a gruelling 2,600-nautical mile journey, has seen the ladies confront and beat the most unimaginable physical and mental challenges. Their determination and courage are something to be revered. They are an incredible team – we could see that the moment we met them – and could see exactly how they would support one another on this monumental test.

It’s not only their end destination that they’ve reached – they’ve also reached their fundraising target of £10,000. Fifty percent of the proceeds are going to the Grace Crocker Foundation, which supports families while children receive medical treatment in the UK, with the other 50 percent pledged to the Blue Marine Foundation, which works to protect the ocean by addressing overfishing.

If you would like to support the ladies and congratulate them on their success, please do give what you can: Wouldn’t it be great if they smashed their fundraising target, just as they’ve ‘smashed’ this epic challenge?

We look forward to welcoming the ladies back to Jersey and hearing more tales of their adventure when they join us as our special guests at our International Women’s Day event next month.