Bedell Cristin managing partner, David Cadin, has been elected Bâtonnier by the Advocates of the Jersey Bar for a third term.

David has been Bâtonnier since 2013, serving two three-year terms. His re-election to serve a third term, of one year, is unprecedented in recent years.

The Bâtonnier is head of the Jersey Bar, responsible for Legal Aid in Jersey, acts as the link between the legal profession and the court and has the privilege of making speeches on behalf of the whole profession at notable occasions such as the Assise d’Héritage and the appointment of a new Bailiff (as will happen later this year when the Deputy Bailiff succeeds Sir William Bailhache).

An additional responsibility this term will be to sit on the new Legal Aid Guidelines Committee, which will be responsible for delivering a legal aid scheme that works and is fit for purpose.

David said: “There are significant changes on the horizon in terms of legal aid, so the next year will represent a challenge as we strive to achieve a set of guidelines that work for everyone.

“Serving as Bâtonnier is, and has been, a great honour, and I look forward to continuing the work that I have done on a broad range of issues over the next year.”

David has been with Bedell Cristin since 2003 and is the firm’s managing partner. He has been named Outstanding Individual of the Year by Citywealth, a Top 50 most influential practitioner by eprivateclient and a leader in his field by Chambers.