The award recognises TISE’s significant Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) contribution to its ‘home’ communities in Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man during 2019.

Laura Cornelius, HR Manager at The International Stock Exchange Group, said: “Supporting the local communities in which we operate is an integral core value of the business. We are proud to work with a specific charity in each island every year and place great importance on the initiatives that we undertake to support them. It is great that we are now able to measure and benchmark this activity through ESI Monitor, which enables organisations to be as impactful as possible on the community and environment.”

The CSR activity of the 35 TISE staff across Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man equated to over 60 hours of staff time dedicated to its chosen charities in 2019 – Help a Guernsey Child in Guernsey, Brightly in Jersey and The Children’s Centre in the Isle of Man.

TISE’s CSR Committee organised a variety of initiatives throughout the year such as cake sales, meat draws, raffles, wine and cheese nights, and the year round running of the office tuck shop. Staff contributed to each of these events, raising funds throughout the year and the final figure was then matched by the business.

Marc Lainé, Managing Director of ESI Monitor, said: “We are delighted to award TISE the Gold Community Champion Award, which recognises that it makes a significant positive impact in the local communities where it has offices. ESI Monitor is delighted to be able to enable organisations like TISE measure and benchmark their social and environmental impact so that we can ensure the corporate world is directing its CSR activity in the most meaningful way possible.”