On Wednesday, November 23, UBS Global Wealth Management hosted a full-to-capacity event with Dr Christina Dean, Founder and Chair of Redress, at the Michelin star restaurant Bohemia in Jersey, on the importance of reducing waste in the fashion industry.

Dr Dean founded Redress, an environmental NGO based in Hong Kong working to reduce waste in the fashion industry, in 2007. Working directly with a wide range of stakeholders, including designers, manufacturers, brands, educational bodies, government and consumers, Redress aims to create lasting environmental change in fashion. In 2017, Christina also launched The R Collective, a social impact business that rescues luxury brands’ waste materials and creates responsible productions, from womenswear to corporate gifts, in order to provide a product and business solution to industry waste.

Dr Dean has been listed as one of British Vogue’s ‘Top 30 Inspirational Women’ and Tatler Asia’s ‘The Impact List’ as one of the most influential individuals defining the future of Asia. She co-authored ‘Dress [with] Sense’ and co-hosted the award-winning documentary series ‘Frontline Fashion’. Her TEDx talk ‘You are What You Wear’ has over half a million views on YouTube. Dr Dean is also an alumni of the UBS Global Visionaries program, an impact accelerator for mission driven entrepreneurs, working to achieve the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (“UN SDGs”).

During the event, Dr Dean discussed her life and work and continued journey to meet these goals as well as discussing several thought-provoking topics such as: balancing economic necessity with sustainability and the enormous volume of textiles reaching landfill or being incinerated.

After the discussion, attendees were able to share a three-course lunch with Dr Dean in a unique and intimate way, with Dr Dean moving and eating at each of the tables to better engage in natural conversation and allowing them to ask further questions.

“We were delighted to welcome Dr Christina Dean to Jersey and would like to thank her for her incredibly interesting and insightful presentation,” said Michael Clarke, Head of Private Clients at UBS Global Wealth Management in Jersey. “Since the Global Visionaries program started, we have supported over 60 entrepreneurs across the globe, all of whom are working towards achieving a variety of the UN SDGs. UBS is proud to be at the forefront of such initiatives and will continue to offer our unwavering support and advice.”

This event was the first hosted by UBS Global Wealth Management in Jersey with an all-female audience, indicative that female participation in financial focused conversations is increasing.