Walkers and Kleinwort Hambros are bringing Carolyn Harris MP – one of the leading voices in UK politics on menopause support – to Guernsey and Jersey next month.

Carolyn Harris, the Labour MP for Swansea East, led a successful campaign which persuaded the UK government to confirm that changes will be made to reduce the cost of hormone replacement therapy prescriptions and to establish a new menopause taskforce. The taskforce, which Harris will co-chair, will consider the role that education, training, workplace policies and peer groups can play in supporting individuals through what can be a mentally and physically challenging time.

At the events on Thursday 5 May and Friday 6 May, Carolyn will talk about why she is so passionate about the menopause and improving education around it before she joins Walkers Group Partner Sarah Ash, Walkers Senior Counsel Daniel Read, Vitality40Plus Founder Trudi Roscouet, Focus HR Head of Jersey Helen Myers and Kleinwort Hambros Chief Executive Officer Phil McIlwraith for a panel discussion on the impact that the menopause can have in the workplace and how businesses can support their staff.

Walkers’ Guernsey Group Partner Sarah Ash, said: “The menopause affects all women at some point in their lives – and increasingly, employers are becoming aware of its impact on their workforces and their obligations to their people. It’s time for the conversation about the menopause, its impact, and steps employers can take to mitigate it and support their employees, to become much louder.

“We are delighted to be able to help the conversation across the Channel Islands become more prominent and raise more awareness of this topic by bringing Carolyn to Guernsey and Jersey this May.”

Daniel Read, Senior Counsel in Walkers’ Jersey employment law team, said: “Women over 50 are now the fastest growing demographic in the workplace. As women typically tend to be affected by the menopause between the ages of 45 and 60, an increasing number of employees are going to be experiencing menopausal symptoms during their careers.

“Consequently, employers need to ensure that they are well informed and able to support their employees. If your organisation has not yet started this conversation, we would recommend that you put the menopause on your agenda and start this conversation as we do not expect the focus on this topic to change in the coming months and the volume around it will inevitably get louder.”

Phil McIlwraith, Chief Executive Officer at Kleinwort Hambros added: “By talking about a once taboo subject, menopause – we are raising awareness and to better educate ourselves as employers to provide a greater understanding on the effects of menopause.”

To register for either of the events, please visit www.walkersglobal.com.