What are CLOs and who uses them?

CLOs are effectively investment instruments that are backed by a pool of leveraged corporate loans split into tranches, with different risk appetite. These instruments offer investors regular debt payments and diversification in their portfolio.

Tried and Tested

Jersey is a tried and tested jurisdiction for securitisation structures and this, together with its strong credentials in compliance with international standards, offers the much-needed certainty to CLO issuers and their investors.

Whether it is a new deal or a pre-existing one, a move to Jersey is made easy by our expert professional service providers and advisers.

Why Jersey?

Tax neutral status
Experienced professional services industry to advise and administer CLOs
Tax certainty and strong adherence to international standards on anti-money laundering (AML)
Speed to market
More than 300 securitisation structures

registered in Jersey since January 2022

Securitization and Offshore Structured Finance: How Jersey Helps US Managers Bridge the Gap to EU Investors
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Investing in and Structuring Debt Instruments
Debt investing has grown substantially over the last few years while the domiciliation of debt structures has evolved. Jersey Finance, in partnership with IFI Global, organised a roundtable event in New York recently on ‘Investing in and Structuring Debt Instruments in 2022′.
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Elliot Refson, Head of Funds, and Philip Pirecki, Jersey Finance Lead in the Americas, were interviewed recently for the Buyouts Podcast.
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