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Join us on Tuesday 14 November to hear from local fintech firms about their capabilities and how they could help you utilise tech within your business.

The event will provide Members with the opportunity to hear from Jersey-based fintech’s, as they deliver a five-minute pitch that highlights their products, services and enabling solutions.

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Video: Jersey Finance 9 x 5 fintech Demo Event | Est time to watch: 52:40 | Sound: Yes |

Nathalie Andersson › Strategy and Research Manager, Jersey Finance
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Nathalie joined Jersey Finance in January 2022 as a Strategy and Research Manager with a specific focus on Fintech.

Prior to joining Jersey Finance, Nathalie worked as an Assurance Manager at PwC in Jersey with a special interest in digital transformation and regulatory matters across the financial services industry.

Nathalie was born and educated in Sweden, studying Law at the School of Business, Economic and Law at the University of Gothenburg followed by Entrepreneurship and Business Design at Chalmers University of Technology, before relocating to Jersey in 2016.

Simon Jackson

Simon Jackson Founder, XRM

Simon Jackson, a visionary in digital transformation, spearheads XRM, a consultancy firm in Jersey, Channel Islands, renowned for its bespoke software solutions in Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform. With a keen eye on continuous improvement, Simon propels businesses in the financial sector towards compliance excellence through innovative products like His consultative approach, coupled with a profound understanding of sales and compliance, has established XRM as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of modern regulatory landscapes. Simon's leadership embodies a blend of technical acumen and creative foresight, positioning XRM as a catalyst for operational efficiency and compliance mastery.

Jonathan Daglish

Jonathan Daglish Senior Manager, Deloitte

Jonathan is the service leader within Deloitte’s Intelligence Services Centre (ISC). In this role, he has designed and delivered a number of projects across multiple sectors and industries, drawing together large sets of data into understandable outputs, allowing clients to understand the risks they face within their operating environment. Prior to joining Deloitte, Jonathan served in the British Army Intelligence Corps, during which he had several operational deployments in support of Special Forces Units. He also worked on secondment for three years to a government intelligence agency where he produced regular reporting to senior Cabinet Members and military leaders. Following his service in the military Jonathan worked for a consultancy where he lead a team that created an Open Source Intelligence capability within a foreign intelligence agency, before moving to a technology company which specialised in the collection of Open Source Intelligence.

Amy King

Amy King Chief Sustainability Officer, Paragon Impact

Amy is Paragon +Impact's Chief Sustainability Officer. She brings an immense amount of experience to our client deliveries. Amy has a strong track record of delivering strategic projects within blue chip companies such as Barclays and Credit Suisse, in highly political organisations such as UEFA as well as delivering in high-pressure and high-visibility environments such as the London Olympic Games. Amy is driven by endless curiosity on how we can be more impactful. She has a wealth of experience in sustainable business having focussed her MBA thesis on sustainable business governance. She has been a sustainability consultant for FTSE 100 businesses as well as for the UN Development Programme on a number of sustainable finance initiatives such as helping form the sustainable finance roadmap for the G20. She also lends her knowledge as a project lead for the Toronto Centre who train regulators in the developing world on the details of sustainable finance. Amy has designed and delivere

Heather-Anne Hubbell

Heather-Anne Hubbell CEO, Phundex

Heather-Anne has an extensive record of transformation within Financial Services. She is experienced at providing board-level management information to boards and governance training to directors. Her areas of expertise include corporate governance, risk and regulatory compliance, digital process efficiency and strategic planning and implementation. Describing herself as a serial entrepreneur, reformed lawyer, banker, risk manager, and consultant, she has worked for and with global financial institutions, private clients, and regulators in numerous countries. Heather-Anne is also the CEO of Phundex, a platform that streamlines business administration and transaction management processes in a central data hub, enabling operational efficiency and allowing you to get to market faster

Peter Joy

Peter Joy Director, SS&C Technologies

Peter is a Director at SS&C based in Jersey and is responsible for leading the business operations in the Channel Islands. Peter has over 12 years of relevant experience within the Jersey financial services industry focusing on the private equity and real asset funds space. Prior to joining SS&C Peter held a senior management role for a large global administrator based in Jersey. Peter began his career in the audit profession and is a qualified chartered accountant and a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Jonathan Wauton

Jonathan Wauton CEO & Co-founder, Tiller Technologies

Jonathan is an investment specialist with over 30 years’ experience in asset management, hedge fund and equity derivatives industries. Formerly CIO of Ermitage Group, which ran >$3Bn of hedge fund of funds portfolios managed on behalf of some of the world’s largest and most prestigious pension funds. Jonathan co-founded Tiller to tackle the toughest challenges facing wealth management and other similar regulated industries. He is a Chartered member of CISI.

Simon O'Donoghue

Simon O'Donoghue CEO, Spring IM

Simon, CEO of Spring, boasts 35 years of industry experience. He is renowned for his role in developing three international fund businesses, making a lasting impact in the financial sector. His expertise extends to investment platforms and offshore trust companies, and he also played a significant role in funding Collidr, the investment engine that powers Spring IM. Simon's influence extends beyond his professional success. He is the founding member and Chairman of the Channel Islands Wealth Management Association, demonstrating his commitment to the industry's development and growth in the region. Outside of the boardroom his primary hobby is sea swimming.

Lee Birkett

Lee Birkett Founder, Moneybrain

Helping to build a fairer financial system for the world with digital money

ComplyWay/XRM ›

ComplyWay, created by XRM, provides a suite of tools to simplify Know Your Business (KYB) and AML compliance, integrating easily with your Microsoft space. It offers solutions like client portal,  identity and address verification, risk screening and powerful risk assessments for Microsoft Dynamics 365. ComplyWay aids in automating risk intelligence, verifying documents instantly, and streamlining due diligence processes, tailored to meet specific business needs.

Deloitte ›

Deloitte is one of the largest global professional services networks in the world, spanning 150 countries and territories, employing over 400,000 people. Whether it’s digital transformation expertise, assurance services, sustainability know-how, cyber skills, or financial advice, we help clients in the public, private and third sectors meet challenges big and small. Our breadth of expertise lies in digital technology, procurement, supply chain, assurance, project management and logistics. Our size means that we can do this at speed and at scale, in ways that are making a positive impact on the lives of people all over the world.

Moneybrain ›

Moneybrain has been at the forefront of financial technology since the birth of the internet.

The current team launched in 2000 as the first online financial adviser serving over 100,000 UK clients and processing over £5BN of lending and insurance online.

The internet has since evolved into Web 3.0. as result of tech gurus building and developing groundbreaking blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. The third generation of the internet has now developed into the digitalisation of money itself.

The moneybrain app and web platform enables anybody with a mobile phone to become part of a fairer financial system for all, which is built for the many and not the few.

Paragon Impact ›


We were born from the urgency to make sustainability not just an option but a standard. We are the change-makers, committed to transforming the business landscape for the betterment of all.


We need to accelerate sustainable development; however the focus is often skewed towards the environment, social and governance (ESG) risks and not actual impact. Paragon +Impact was established to address these limitations of traditional ESG and improve how tangible impact is measured and rated, in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Phundex ›

Phundex is a platform that streamlines business administration and transaction management processes in a central data hub. It offers fully customizable pathways that allow you to select from one of their Phundex Pathway Templates or build one of your own. You can add or remove tasks, attach document and data requirements, and assign tasks and due dates to team members. Data forms and documents are stored in related data rooms for easier coordination. You define user access and permissions to ensure access is granted to the right information required when needed. With Phundex, you can enjoy faster, more efficient administration and status reporting with improved coordination across stakeholders. The platform also provides user-specific, interactive dashboards that give increased visibility and more meaningful status reporting. Phundex is a game-changer for coordinating transaction management and due diligence across all clients and stakeholders.

Spring IM ›

Spring offer an end-to-end cutting edge, digital investment experience. Our technology driven solution enables everybody the opportunity to invest in global markets. We use intelligence-led technology to power our systematic approach, embracing new concepts to modernise the investment process, and by design, offer cost-efficient, risk-managed portfolios. Through the scalable nature of our offering, investors can start with low initial investment minimums. Purpose built with proprietary software, our client application and onboarding is entirely digital. Clients also gain access to our reporting portal, offering a state-of-the-art suite with daily interactive reporting. From here the client has access to a wealth of information such as performance on all their portfolios and underlying assets, transactions, fees, and asset and regional exposure available daily. Our solutions work for a broad client base and through development and education we have successfully made wealth management more accessible to the younger generation and a broader demographic.

SS&C ›

SS&C enables alternative asset managers and investors to scale and focus on core competencies while modernising and creating efficiencies across investment and fund operations. In Jersey, our expert team on the ground provide fund administration and front-to-back office services, including fund valuations, treasury services and investor communications. We cover all asset classes across the spectrum of Jersey fund vehicles with independent portfolio and over-the-counter (OTC) derivative valuations, though our proprietary web-based reporting.

Tiller Technology ›

Verify by Tiller is a robust digital solution that provides high quality customer ID verifications for regulated and supervised businesses. The cutting-edge technology that powers this solution, coupled with high quality data sources, ensure a verification service of the highest regulatory standards. The user-friendly Mobile App enables your customers to share their ID and address documentation quickly, securely, and remotely, for a convenient and efficient customer experience. The desktop portal allows administrators clear oversight of the process of requesting and tracking personal information and provides a comprehensive PDF report on the results of all verifications performed, as well as a record of the referenced documents. Verify provides a customer centric solution, drives operational efficiency, and supports internal risk management processes and regulatory compliance adherence.