Europe is a key focus for us at Jersey Finance. We’ve always considered it vital to our own development and are passionate about supporting the growing demand for a stable and transparent international finance centre for investment and wealth structuring.

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In brief We remain a favourable jurisdiction for the European markets, particularly in relation to investment products and wealth management vehicles such as trusts, foundations and partnerships, as well as real estate, private equity and hedge funds.
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European Markets

Here are a few of the ways we’re working positively with European markets:

  • The €200 billion of accumulated investment in the EU mediated through Jersey is helping support roughly 96,000 jobs across the continent, with €188 billion of this invested or settled by individuals or businesses resident outside the bloc.*
  • Jersey catalyses tax revenues in the order of €1 billion a year based on net additional foreign investments into the EU or €1.9 billion based on gross foreign investment.*
  • We sponsor events around key European cities as part of business development initiatives relating to our key sectors funds, private wealth, capital markets and banking.
  • To demonstrate our forward-thinking commitment to international standards, our Island has signed:
    • 39 Tax Information Exchange Agreements (for example with Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Latvia)
    • 13** DTAs (for example with Luxembourg, Malta and Estonia)

Thanks to our investment products and wealth management vehicles, our work with the Europe markets benefits everyone.


*Source: Jersey’s Value to Europe, 2016

**as at December 2018 (Source: Government of Jersey)

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