We’ve been promoting Jersey’s International Finance Centre (IFC) in Asia for decades, recently expanding our presence from mainland China and Hong Kong SAR to Singapore in March 2023.

The formal launch of our presence in Singapore and appointment of Business Development Director for South East Asia, Yiow Chong Tan, aims to bring Jersey’s corporate, private wealth and alternative funds proposition to key growth markets across the South East Asia region. As part of our business development work in the region, Allan Wood, our Global Head of Business Development, joined Yiow at the Africa Singapore Business Forum 2023, and Fintech Linkup: Connecting Singapore and Africa’s Fintech Innovators, to promote Jersey’s IFC.

Tuesday 29 - Wednesday 30 August 2023 Africa Singapore Business Forum 2023

A leading platform for business exchange between Africa and Asia, the Africa Singapore Business Forum (ASBF) has brought more than 5,000 business and government leaders from 30 countries together since its launch in 2010.

This year’s ASBF focussed on opportunities arising from Africa’s digital boom, sustainability development, and the boost in manufacturing brought about by the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement.

Allan Wood, Jersey Finance’s Global Head of Business Development, and Yiow Chong Tan, Jersey Finance’s Business Development for South East Asia, represented Jersey’s word-class IFC and its strong relationship with Africa, supporting cross-border investment for private and institutional investors.

To find out more, read our ‘Jersey’s Relationship with Africa’ brochure for sector summaries and regional case studies and success stories.

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Thursday 31 August 2023 Fintech Linkup: Connecting Singapore and Africa's Fintech Innovators

On 31 August, Yiow and Allan attended the Fintech Linkup event, jointly hosted by the Singapore Fintech Association and Thunes. The event served as a nexus for leaders, experts, and visionaries from Singapore and Africa’s fintech sectors, to collaborate and share their insights into the future of fintech.

It highlighted Africa’s fintech start-up scene, driven by mobile technology and inventive solutions, as well as Singapore’s global fintech hub status, known for its advanced infrastructure and supportive ecosystem.

The event hosted a range of key speakers, including Shadab Taiyabi, President of the Singapore Fintech Association; Arvin Singh, Co-Founder, CEO & Board Director at Hoolah; and Raphael Dana, Co-Founder of Gozem.

To find out more about Jersey’s relationship with South East Asia, please visit out South East Asia hub, or get in touch with Yiow Chong Tan.

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