This week, Amy Bryant, our Deputy CEO, attended the Inclusive Fintech Forum hosted in Kigali, Rwanda, by Kigali International Financial Centre (KIFC) and Elevandi. The forum, designed for policymakers, entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and foundations, focussed on the implementation, policies and partnerships used to accelerate financial inclusion through technology.

Amy featured on the ‘Great Debate: Role of Financial Centres in the Development of Fintech’ panel session, and discussed the critical role International Finance Centres (IFCs), such as Jersey, play in the development of the global financial system. IFC’s provide a platform for financial institutions, investors, and businesses to access global markets, capital, and expertise and, with the rise of Fintech’s, have also become important hubs for the development and deployment of new financial technologies, particularly in emerging markets.

Pictured left to right: Farai Gundan, Co-founder & Chief Executive of Abantufy; Dr Jochen Biedermann, Managing Director of World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC); Amy Bryant, Deputy Chief Executive of Jersey Finance; Lacina Koné, Director General & Chief Executive Officer of Smart Africa; Clare Akamanzi, Chief Executive Officer of the Rwanda Development Board; Elsadiq Hamour, Managing Directo of Financial Institutions, Qatar Financial Centre Authority; and, Hortense Mudenge, Chief Operations Officer of Rwanda Finance Limited.

The inaugural Inclusive Fintech Forum aims to provide a global platform on financial inclusion and fintech for good. It is a partner event of the annual flagship Singapore FinTech Festival and Point Zero Forum, representing a unique collaboration between KIFC, Rwanda’s financial centre facilitating international investment and cross-border transactions in Africa, and Elevandi, a company set up by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to advance FinTech in the digital economy.

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Jersey is a world-class centre for fintech. We strive to be the easiest international finance centre to do business with remotely, in a digital world. We have a forward-thinking regulatory approach, which sets us apart, and this has been vital in cementing our standing as a highly-successful digital jurisdiction.