Independent multi-family office, trust, corporate and yacht services provider Osiris Management Services has rebranded with a new name and visual identity to become Fiduchi.

Managing Director David Hopkins explains why they've taken the bold decision to rebrand and invest in their business platforms below:

"The reason is very straightforward, next year we'll be celebrating our 25th anniversary, and as part of our strategic review, we set some clear goals for our future growth and expansion. To achieve this, we identified that we needed to change our name to something which would be more suitable for other jurisdictions and to support our plans. 

We quickly concluded that we liked the name Fiduchi as it was a derivative name and a play on two words. Firstly, “fiduciary”, which is a term closely associated with our industry and describes someone who has the responsibility to take care of someone else's assets. The Latin word “fiducia”, which is where fiduciary derives, also has the meaning of trust and confidence. Fundamentally, this is what we do. We act as trustee and look after our clients’ assets. 

Secondly, “chi”, a word from Chinese cultures referring to a person’s life force or energy. We feel that “Fiduchi” truly reflects our business and what we aspire to be and do – to bring positive, proactive energy to develop and nurture our client relationships, to safeguard their assets and business interests for future generations." 

David also explained that the rebrand was just one stage in a more significant transformation taking part at Fiduchi. To support the growing team and the expansion of the business, Fiduchi has made a substantial investment in updating their IT infrastructure which will improve efficiencies across the company. 

Another change has been the decision to bring its sister company Jersey Yacht Management Limited (which has more than 40 years experience in delivering yacht services globally) under the Fiduchi brand. David commented, "we've always had wealthy clients that require yacht services and private wealth solutions, so it seemed logical to bring our yachts services under the Fiduchi brand umbrella and go into new markets under one brand. 

Visit the new website here.