As a member of the UN-hosted Network of Finance Centres for Sustainability (‘FC4S’), Jersey Finance is pleased to be supporting work on a report for the G20 on sustainable finance skills and talent development.

In 2021, the G20 established a Sustainable Finance Working Group (‘SFWG’). A cornerstone of the working group is tackling sustainable finance skills and talent development. The recent FC4S State of Play paper, based on feedback from 29 finance centres including Jersey, also noted that the lack of sustainable finance talent and technical skills continues to be a critical issue to the growth of the sustainable finance ecosystem.

In light of this, FC4S has commissioned a global questionnaire to assess current sustainable finance skills and talent levels, and identify gaps between the current state and required future state. The high level findings will be presented back in June to the G20 SFWG and will feed into a more detailed report by Autumn 2022.

Jersey Finance Members are being encouraged to take part in this survey, which can be found here.

Information provided by Members will remain confidential and the output will be presented on an aggregated basis such that responses will not be identifiable to the relevant respondent. Should you be in a position to participate, we would be grateful if you could complete the questionnaire by close of business on Tuesday 30 May.

For any queries, please contact our Sustainable Finance Lead.