Closing Case Officer

Closing Case Officer
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Closing Case Officer
Type: Vacancy
Sectors: Banking, Wealth management
Reference: 240002TG
Term: Permanent
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Summary of the key purposes of the role

The closing case units’ purpose is to support the business unit and complete the day-to-day activities involved in the closing of client structures once a formal request for action has been received.
The closing case unit are responsible for all activities, BAU and closing related, where the client has given us clear instructions to transfer the assets to another service provider or wind up and distribute the assets and or where we as a business have given notice to the client to exit and transfer their assets to another service provider.
To support and work with the KH Group Trust Contentious and Closing Cases Manager to manage all relevant internal and external stakeholders involved with the closing structures.
To provide Management information to the Executive Trust Committees and the Board when required.
To develop understanding of the JFSC/ GFSC regulations and AML/ KYC legislation (Plus any others that are relevant) and how they impact the day-to-day activities.
To maintain all policies, procedures related to the closing case activity and ensure Source is refreshed to reflect all updates.

Summary of responsibilities

Dissolution of company / termination of trust by way of distribution of assets
Agree plan for transfer out
Review of due diligence / tax info to ensure that closure can be progressed
Ensure all tax authorities / registrars records are updated/informed as required by regulation
Raising initial “termination” fee, and moving fee profile to TS only
Appointment of liquidators / lawyers to draft termination documents
Liaison with beneficiaries / person to whom the assets are to be transferred
Take final fee
Transfer remaining assets
Ensure accuracy and integrity of NavOne data throughout the closing process
Ensure all Fee supervision processes are respected
Ensure all CDD/KYC processes are followed in respect of all transactions
Complete the internal checklists
Ensure Archive and Safe custody processes are followed

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