Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is one of several local charities set to benefit from a multi-million pound charitable foundation, which is managed by Jersey based trust company, Nautilus.  

The Jersey Foundation, established by an international philanthropist, will be making pledges to several local charities throughout 2014, one of which is to Durrell for £50,000.  The donation will fund conservation work in Mauritius.  

The £50,000 will support Durrell’s mission of saving species from extinction through the delivery of conservation projects on the ground and training Mauritian conservationists. On the ground, the funding will support efforts to restore six species of highly threatened reptile, including the Telfair’s skink, orange tailed skink and Gunther’s gecko, on the network of small islands that lie off the coast of Mauritius. This includes funding a desperately needed 4 x 4 vehicle to move the team and equipment to field sites, trips to each of the islands, and the movement of reptiles between islands to rebuild populations. The funding will also support our work with Mauritian Wildlife Foundation to build local skills for conservation through the provision of scholarships to attend our Endangered Species Recovery course that is based at the new Durrell Conservation Academy – Mauritius campus, as well as support for students coming to the UK and Jersey to receive specialist training.  

Jan Kenny, executive director of Nautilus, said: It has been a pleasure to work with our client and to identify some really wonderful causes locally with which we are to provide financial support. We have an affinity with Durrell given that Nautilus also has offices in Mauritius and we can see first-hand the benefits the donation has made already. We hope that this is the start of an on-going relationship between Nautilus and Durrell.’  

Oliver Johnson, CEO of Durrell, commented: ‘We are delighted to receive such strong support from a local organisation; it truly reinforces community spirit for both Jersey and Mauritius. We can only continue to show our gratitude towards this generous foundation and hope that others can appreciate conservation and sustainability in the remarkable way that Nautilus have’.    

Nautilus has further demonstrated its commitment to community giving by establishing its own Charitable Foundation.  The Nautilus Charitable Foundation will be funded by donations from clients and staff, with the funds being used to support local good causes.  

‘Jersey should be looking to position itself as a centre of excellence for philanthropy and through our promotion of the many vehicles through which charitable pledges can be made we hope to highlight the local charities and the work they do, ensuring local, Jersey charities are considered as beneficiaries of charitable giving,’ added Ms Kenny.  

Nautilus was the first trust company in Jersey to establish a wholly Charitable Foundation back in 2010, shortly after the structures became available. The trust company, which has offices in Mauritius and Hong Kong continues to administer active Foundations in philanthropic structures on behalf of many global clients.  

Nautilus was incorporated in 1999 and has grown from a team of two to 89 through organic growth and a series of acquisitions, including the acquisition of New World Trustees (Jersey) Limited in March 2013 and the establishment of Nautilus Fiduciary Mauritius Limited in December 2013. Nautilus is an independent trust company based in Jersey and boasts a client-focused team offering flexible solutions to clients around the world. The company specialises in the establishment and management of trusts and companies, and also offers an exhaustive list of comprehensive financial solutions to assist with wealth management.