As 2024 jumps off to a quick start, US managers, and the wider industry, are at a pivotal juncture, marked by extraordinary challenges and transformative opportunities.

Given Jersey Finance’s extensive cross-market networks and a unique view derived from our status as an international fund domicile, we see several trends continuing to evolve over the next 12 months.

Philip Pirecki, Americas Lead for Jersey Finance, examines these in a new article: A US Focus: Trends that will Shape 2024.

You can also listen to this podcast: US Investment Managers: Exploring International Markets.

This webinar is relevant too: ‘The SEC’s Private Fund Advisor Rules – What They Mean for Onshore and Offshore Managers’. It examines the potential impact of the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) private fund advisor rules both in the US and overseas, exploring who is and who is not in scope, and what it means for fund directors.

If you would like to discuss these topics further, please do contact Philip.

A US Focus: Trends that will Shape 2024
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