A Force for Good

At almost 60 years old, the industry continues to evolve and create an even more positive impact on the future. So, when asked about the industry, be proud and take the time to reflect on the many reasons why it acts as a force for good that positively contributes to our unique Island.

Jersey’s international finance centre is a force for good, helping to create jobs, championing cross border flows and improving the lives of ordinary people.

Scroll down and discover real-life stories from people and companies in our international finance centre who are helping to make a difference and drive change in our Island and further afield. To read the full stories, please click here.

What is a tax haven?

Jersey is not a tax haven. A tax haven is a secretive, poorly regulated finance centre that tolerates financial crime and has little transparency. What Jersey’s finance centre does is not secret; being one of the best-regulated finance centres in the world. What’s more, it is a criminal offence to facilitate or engage in tax evasion in Jersey and it has been this way since 1999.

We are a tax neutral jurisdiction

Being tax neutral means we do not add another layer of tax to investors. By law, investors here report their tax affairs to their home country and Jersey’s industry, by law, reports financial activity to around 100 countries. This ensures the right amount of tax is being paid.

Proud of our workforce

With more than 13,500 people working in our industry. We proudly support both the prosperity of Jersey and global communities. Finance industry workers also support a range of community and charity-based initiatives that run all year round.

The Power of People


Raising funds and awareness for Cool Earth ›

Last April I travelled with two old school mates to India to partake in the Rickshaw Run, helping to raise funds and awareness for the charity Cool Earth.

Described by the organisers as ‘easily the least sensible thing you can do with three weeks,’ the Rickshaw Run involves driving a rickshaw 3,000 kilometres down the length of India with no mechanical knowledge, support team or planned route.


Tom Hiles, Trainee Investment Manager, Quilter Cheviot

Supporting gender equality and inclusion ›

Kaye Nicolson-Horn, Senior Trust Officer, Vistra Jersey speaks out on gender equality and inclusion for all and highlights how diversity and inclusion are much more than corporate buzzwords.

A previous columnist for the Jersey Evening Post for much of 2019, and before that an interviewee on diversity and same-sex marriage matters, where she used her own experience as a gay woman and mother in Jersey to promote understanding on important issues of diversity and inclusion.

Helping the community through mentoring ›

David Brunton, Senior Manager, Commercial, Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets volunteered his time to mentor the Service Manager at Jersey Women’s Refuge.

David was able to use his knowledge and expertise to assist with the completion of their business plan, required as part of the application process for a grant to fund the recruitment of additional staff members.

Making a Difference
Supporting the Philip Gower Charitable Foundation ›

Aqua Group support several initiatives (directly or working pro-bono) to make a tangible difference to those who do not have enough; The Philip Gower Charitable Foundation is one that contributes to the Island.

Through the creation of the Foundation, Philip Gower aimed to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young adults providing support to local charities. PGCF work and donate what is now the award-winning Gower Centre and many other projects.

Encouraging open dialogue on mental health ›

Today’s fast-paced world puts daily pressure on everyone’s wellbeing. Making time to take care of our mental health and check in on others has never been more important.

I’m proud that, at Mourant, we proactively support the mental and physical wellbeing of our people and help raise awareness of mental health in the community.

A shared commitment to our community ›

At RBC, we always strive to support our communities in various ways. Whether it’s committing to cleaning up parks and public areas in our neighbourhoods, working with students, or volunteering with a specific charity, RBC employees have many stories to share on how they commit themselves to their community.

In times where kids are meant to receive meals from school and when elderly people are cautioned against going to the shops themselves, volunteers like Carolyn and Helen are crucial to keeping everyone safe.

Working for Change
Walkers Marks International Women's Day with Packed Event in Jersey ›

More than 130 people attended Walkers’ International Women’s Day event at the Royal Yacht Hotel in Jersey in February for “a celebration of liberation through the generations”.

Speakers from organisations including EY, the Jersey Scouts Association and RBC joined Walkers Global Managing Partner Ingrid Pierce and the firm’s Guernsey managing partner Louise Hall.

The audience also heard from student Filipa Dos Santos, who won the £200 “Listen Up!” public speaking competition organised by the firm.

Doing the right thing and support the Island ›

Doing the right thing is at the heart of Vistra’s values and Vistra Jersey has wholeheartedly embraced this value through regularly supporting local charities. Involved in many initiatives, some recent examples include The Samaritans Brew Monday’s, Blood Cancer Kids Triathlon and The Grace Trust food Bank.


Discussing female leadership inside SANNE ›

SANNE’s Ellen Lusby, a Manager in the Private Debt & Capital Markets team, hosted a podcast with other leaders in the business and professional career coach, Sophie Clyde-Smith as guest speaker. The podcast covered female leadership, leadership during a global pandemic, the importance of diversity, how to address unconscious bias and what we’re doing at SANNE to improve opportunities for all. The podcast was released globally to all 1,800 SANNE employees to facilitate further discussion and engagement on the topic.

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If you are a Member firm and would like to contribute, send us your stories on the positive impact you have made either individually or as part of your a company, both locally and internationally. Submit here.

Proud to be part of Jersey

Jersey Finance is proud to support a range of initiatives that provide better futures for many members of our local community. To find out more about how we partner with our community, click here.


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